Rating London cycle links


Rating London Cycle Links

What do you think of London's current cycle infrastructure?

Is CS3 family friendly? Does Cycleway 4 feel safe? Is Quietway 5 well signposted? Where exactly is Cycleway 6? Where can I cycle to get a great view of London?

This website aims to collect the views of cyclists on London's cycle infrastructure in order to better understand what people like and dislike about it.

Discover cycling in London

Use the cycling map to discover cycle routes and find out what other cyclists have said about them.


On the ratings page you can scale a particular cycle-link from 0 (uncomfortable) to 5 (comfortable).

Selecting a link

Select a route by either clicking on the googlemap polylines, or if you already know the name of the route by using the select box.

Day or Night?

Once you have selected a link to review, give it a rating. If you would like to make it clear that you're reviewing a night-time ride, please select the 'night' checkbox.


Please leave comments. Suggested comments are available. Comments are restricted to 200 characters.


How you view comfort can be made up of a number of characteristics. Examples of how people rate their comfort include:

  • safety from vehicles/speeding/traffic
  • personal safety and level of isolation
  • attractiveness of area you pass through
  • congestion on link, either from other people cycling or the need to share the space with other modes like people walking or people in cars, goods vehicles or buses
  • path surface quality
  • level of priority and assistance along the link and through junctions
  • are you happy to bring friends and family with you


You can browse feedback from other participants on the results page.

Filtered data

All data can be filtered by cycle-link, rating, conditions and date - via the table controls.


This data will be used to update the quality rating for the cycle routes on our RoutePlanRoll website. This will help users of all cycling abilities for the best routes to use all around London. We will also provide a short quarterly report and map graphic to present the changing face of the quality of London's cycle routes. User's can also download the raw data to share with people of interest such as council and community groups.

Get in touch

Please email routeplanroll@gmail.com if you have any constructive feedback about how this site could be more useful. We are keen to hear from anyone who would be willing to support the website to get a wider audience. In particular we are keen to hear from anyone with GIS expertise.

Comments and ratings are anonymous.